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Piduguralla Mandal Unit

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Piduguralla Mandal Unit

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Piduguralla Mandal Unit

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the state teachers union, andhra pradesh

STU Govt.Recognition No: 1890 Dt:9-6-1947.
Permanent Member in Civil Services Joint Staff Council.
The Only Golden Jubilee Teachers Union in Andhra Pradesh.


A Complete website for teacher service matters

D.Deva Ratnam, SA,
ZPHS, Brahmanapalli,
Piduguralla mandal

D.Appireddy, SA,
ZPHS, Brahmanapalli,
Piduguralla mandal

This website is Useful for teachers and specially for DDO's , MEO, HEAD MASTERS of High Schools, UP and Primary Schools .
Leave Permissions, Sanction proceedings, all type covering letters, zppf loan forms sets , zppf closures , apgli proposals, loans, closures , all model proceedings, FAC allownaces , Higher class allownaces, Conveyance allowances, EL /SL related forms, All type pension Proposals, day to day revised forms, treasury forms, Promotion/AAS fixations , transfers, promotions relieving, joining concerned forms, EHS related, CPS related, Festival Adavance, Reader allownce, tution fee , medical reimbursement sets, Attestation forms, SSC duplicate, Age exemption related, all certificates and more..